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Water Life

After painting the four Swedish paintings based on landscape, I started looking more closely at the landscape and light here in my own neighborhood of northern California. I was drawn to the edge where the land meets the sea looking west out over the Pacific, and became engrossed with the ever-changing currents and waves pulsing towards and away from the shore. The quality of light, spatial depth, and lines became the focus of my work at first literally and eventually moving towards something a little more abstract and essential. I like the tension between the under currents and depth of the water together with the floating ripples on the surface reflecting the light from above. After some time my curiosity leapt from the ocean to the milky way and the unknown qualities dark matter and then back to light again. My first ventures back into the light took me to the reflection of the sky in a forest pond in Maryland, looking down to see above and not directly into the light source yet.

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