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Artist StatementQuite simply, my artwork is abstract and based on nature. Over time my paintings, drawings, prints, and constructions have evolved along with my environment, thoughts and life. Though the work may appear to be quite different, there is a constant in how I experience and then attempt to express or reflect experience. I am still very affected by light and color as well as form. Paintings begin with a very simple idea based on one of these visual elements, but I never know what a painting will look like when complete until I get to the end.

The time spent working on paintings is one of discovery and response to each move along the way. It's simply more interesting than having a set intention and then carrying that out. This way the element of chance and change can be present with each day as I come to the studio. There is always a point of departure based on something real that I've seen or experienced that gets abstracted with time. I prefer working towards the essence of how I feel about something to narrating a story. This involves memory, quality of light, and the power of color interaction. Ideally I wish for my paintings to feel alive and to reflect at least part of what it is to be alive.