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Egg Tempera
In 2001 I saw some contemporary abstract paintings done in egg tempera at the San Francisco International Art Fair. The vibrancy of the color and the waxy smooth surface compelled me to try the medium myself. Previously I had considered it to be an ancient and out of date method of painting, but seeing these new paintings up close I realized that it was still quite vital.

Learning a new medium is first humbling as it reveals what it likes to do, and then exciting with the different possibilities. It required me to work much smaller for one thing and also on wood as opposed to paper or canvas. It allowed for rich layering and inscribing back into the surface as well as pulling immediate prints from the paintings to create texture and reveal under layers of paint. In order to play with the qualities of the egg tempera I simplified my compositions initially to the reverie of the circle in a square and then moved on to many other permutations of this simple geometry.

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